“I never thought I was the type of person who could do meal prep and planning. I’m a super busy single mom, and have been spending waaayyy too much money on eating out and ordering in. Not to mention all the food I was wasting because I never shopped with a plan.

Julie did a week of meal planning for me, including recipes and a shopping list, and I was pretty amazed at how easy it was for me! She’s really incredible and took into consideration that I don’t always have time to cook every night, so there were a lot of leftovers in my plan which I appreciated.

I will definitely be using Busy & Broke again!” – Arley Ann Ross

“She makes it so easy it feels like I knew how to plan my meals all along when I really, really didn’t.” – Miellyn Fitzwater Barrows

“Meal planning has changed my life and Julie makes it SUPER easy (and cheap!). It might sound daunting, but I promise it’s not! Just let Julie help you, it will make you feel so much better. Her services are super affordable and you’ll learn a ton. This is the most worthwhile service on the entire internet. U CAN QUOTE ME ON THAT!” – Allegra Ringo

“O man . cooking and meal planning . as humans we eat everyday but why do i not think ahead??? and with a kid and work . forget it. this is why delivery meal services became such a thing. but how great does it feel to cook a simple meal if you just plan ahead??!! This is why this book is so GREAT. it’s just simple. i’m not a fancy cook. but this has inspired me to just start small and take the basic steps and Voila. eating great and saving money. Thank you julie!” – Janet Tscha

“I loved reading this ebook! I finished feeling inspired knowing I gained new tools for meal planning for my family. I love the illustrations too! It’s a fun read too- Julie’s a great writer and the tone is perfect!” – Angie Correa


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