Frogtown Brewery Workshop


Meal Planning Workshop
@ Frogtown Brewery
Thursday, July 12th @ 7pm

Have you been curious about meal planning but feel too overwhelmed or intimidated to begin?

In this 90 minute workshop we will chat about:

· Common excuses for not meal planning and my rebuttals
· Tips and tricks on how to make your first plan and keep going from there
· Advice on how to make a menu that fits your lifestyle and preferences and that you will actually enjoy eating
· Brainstorming great meals
You’ll get:
· A one week meal plan and grocery list
· An understanding of how to take control of your money and time when it comes to food
· A free beer!

· A free copy of the Busy & Broke meal planning e-book

· 25% off all Busy & Broke consultation services or custom meal plans
Meal planning makes life easier for parents, starving artists, students on a budget… heck, just everyone. Workshops are really fun events and a great way to socialize, as well as to develop an important and empowering skill that can feel very daunting.
A kid and dog friendly neighborhood brewery with rotating nightly food trucks, Frogtown Brewery is one of my favorite places on Earth and I am SO excited to be having a workshop there!
To reserve your spot, PayPal $25  (or Venmo to with “Frogtown” in the memo line.

Julie Sharron is a Los Angeles mom with a full time job and a passion for meal planning. Her company, Busy & Broke, is focused on helping people begin meal planning as easily and stress free as possible. With an e-book and both in home and remote consultations available, let her help you take control of your time, money, and food.